Innovating for a Safer Future: The Connectivity Innovation Network and the NSW Smart Sensing Network announce winners of $230,000 Sensing for Disasters Funding

The Connectivity Innovation Network (CIN) and the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) are pleased to announce the winners of our joint call for proposals on Sensing for Disasters.

Following on from a joint Regional Connectivity Challenges Symposium in 2023, it was evident there is a need for innovative and advanced disaster sensing technologies.

As a result, the Connectivity Innovation Network and the NSW Smart Sensing Network released a joint call for proposals on Sensing for Disasters. This call for proposals in the sensing for disasters space presented an opportunity to develop research and innovative solutions that will improve outcomes for citizens of New South Wales, particularly those in regional disaster-stricken areas.

The call for proposals was to develop innovative disaster sensing technologies in the fields of physical and information sciences, and engineering. The aim is to nurture the creation and development of new sensing technologies that are real-time, accurate and reliable for predicting and monitoring natural disasters — floods and bushfire disasters in particular.

This call for proposals was divided into two streams:

Stream 1: Fundamental research aimed at completing theoretical proof or lab experiments.                  

                  Funding: Up to $40,000 per project. 


Stream 2: Innovative projects that can be demonstrated in the field. 

                   Funding: Up to $150,000 per project.


The Winners

Following a rigorous assessment process, three projects have been selected as winners. These projects include pure theoretical research to push the boundary of integrated sensing and communications technology, an AI-based geospatial sensing management platform to optimize sensor deployment and maximise sensing accuracy, and a low-cost robust wireless rain gauge to revolutionise the way to monitor rainfall.

1. Jinhong Yuan, University of New South Wales

Project title: Integrated Sensing and Communication Technology for Disaster Monitoring

Funding: $39,959

Duration: 12 months

2. Wanchun Liu, University of Sydney

Project title: Advanced AI-Enhanced Geospatial Sensing for Disaster Management

Collaborators: University of Technology Sydney and Pivotel Satellite

Funding: $40,000

Duration: 12 months

3. Kai Wu, University of Technology Sydney

Project title: A Novel Real-Time and Accurate Wireless Rain Gauge

Short text about the project and why it is so unique.

Funding: $149,092

Duration: 12 months

These projects promise to push the boundaries of disaster sensing technology and provide benefits to the citizens of NSW, especially those in regional areas affected by natural disasters. We look forward to seeing the progress towards delivering positive impacts in disaster preparedness and response.


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