Call for Proposals

Since its establishment in late 2021, the Connectivity Innovation Network (CIN) has facilitated two Problem Statement Workshops with Government stakeholders and members to identify common Connectivity challenges and themes.

By distilling the outputs from the Problem Statement Workshops, the CIN identified the four most pressing challenges of Connectivity: Data Sharing, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Power Resilience and Cyber Security.

These challenges were then taken to various government stakeholders for further refinement, and in turn this process resulted in the prioritisation of two challenges. This Call for Proposals specifically targets these challenges.

***CFP 1 and CFP 2 have now CLOSED***

Projects: ***CFP 1 and CFP 2 have now CLOSED ***

  1. A Secure Platform for Trusted and Privacy-Preserving Communal Data Sharing.
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    CFP 1 – Further Details
    • The type of data being shared by various agencies will be primarily textual data contained in a database not excluding documents.
    • Any authorised person within a particular agency will have access to the shared data.
    • This project is looking at a generic platform.
  2. A WiFi Network for Large Area Coverage.
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    CFP 2 – Further Details

    • The long range WiFi network is meant to cover a 2km x 2km area.  We are not asking for fixed point-to-point or point-to-multipoint solutions.
    • The solution should be compliant with ACMA Regulations.
    • The main aim of the project is to demonstrate a working technical solution and we are not necessarily requesting a product-ready solution at this stage.
    • The backward compatibility requested is equivalent to current WiFi products on the market.
    • In the first instance, the 100 simultaneous users would require broadband access for typical online activities.

Call for Proposals form:

Please complete and submit your application using this form: Link to Form

Call for Proposal details:


Wednesday, 13 July 2022


COB Monday 1 August, 2022

Project Duration

The project duration is expected to be no greater than 12 months. Subject to the support of the CIN, the project may continue to a second phase.

Project Funding

The project cost to the CIN is expected to not exceed $200k-$300k (refer to limit on chosen CFP topic).

Costing of Personnel/Salaries and Non-Salary Items

The CIN will fund direct costs only. e.g. With regards to Personnel, this includes salary, superannuation and leave entitlements. No indirect ‘overheads’ or ‘infrastructure’ costs will be accepted.


To support collaboration, the project team should consist of at least two CIN members with at least one university member. The project lead and the project contractor with CIN can be two different organisations. We encourage a university member to be the contractor in order to leverage their research support systems. We also encourage the participation of CIN industry members to enable early technology adoption.

Intellectual Property

Should an industry member provide at least 60% of the total project cost, it will become the legal owner of the project IP as outlined in the CIN IP Agreement; it is expected that at least half of the industry contribution will be in cash.


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